Project Book Info

Attached is the 2020-2021 Steer Pool record book.  Please down load, complete questions, and keep updated records through out the year. The completed record book will be turned in prior to the 2021 Hartford Fair.

2020-2021-Steer-Pool-Record-Book (2)

2021 Record Book Questions JUNIOR Division

2021 Record Book Questions INTERMEDIATE Division

2021 Record Book Questions SENIOR Division

Google Sheet of Hartford Fair Steerpool Record Book




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When you are turning in your record book, please complete your book as of 7/31/2021.  Submit your book with answered questions (there is a page for question answers) by August 3rd, 2021 at 11:59pm. 

The record book is available via google sheets, but you can download it as an excel sheet if you need to.

You may find that you need more question spaces.  To do so, selected several columns and rows and merge them to create one large cell that you can type in.  

To turn in your record books, please use the following google form: If you have record book questions/need assistance with submitting your records, please reach out to me, at this email or you can call or text Gina at 740-272-7721, just not after 9pm.