Steer Pool 2018-2019 sign-up is set for Sept 17, 2018

The 2018-2019 steer pool sign-up and organizational meeting is set for September 17, 2018 @7 pm. Location: New Covenant Community Church 8408 Johnstown Utica Rd, Johnstown, OH 43031.

$75 dollar participation insurance fee is due at this time.  Last year the steer pool grew by more than 10 exhibitors and looks like the growth is continuing this next year which is awesome.  Even though we are loosing some kids due to age limits, which happens each year, we have many new exhibitors signing up and wanting to participate. The Steer Pool program is limited to 65 exhibitors each year and I would like to see us reach those numbers again in the next few years.

If you know anyone possibly interested in participating in 2018-2019 Hartford Fair Steer Pool, please make sure they attend this initial meeting.

Selection is set for Oct 21, 2018. More info to follow.

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