2018 Steer Pool Fair Entry Form Mail to Rodney

Complete and sign the 2018 Hartford Fair Jr Fair Market Animal Entry Form and mail to Rod BeMiller. The form is attached below.

2018 Fill Jr Fair Market Animal Entry – final

The completed form can be turned in at Hoof Trimming, Sat June 18th and we can see that Rodney gets them or mail to Rodney for arrival by Friday June 22, 2018.   Please contact Rodney at 740-967-6394 if not able to mail or deliver at hoof trimming.  Thank You.

Mail Entries to: Rod Bemiller  12176 Edwards Road     Johnstown, Ohio    43031

Entries Due By June 22, 2018  and the $3.00 entry payment is not required with form for it will be deducted from the initial $75 insurance premium payed last September.

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