Steer Pool Home Visits 2016, Counts for a Meeting

I hope everyone is working with their steer and that he is healthy and growing.  The advisors would like to do a home visit to see just how your project is coming along and if you have any questions. The 2016 steer pool home visits must be completed between Jan 1 and April 1, 2016 and will count toward a meeting attended.  The following list shows which advisor is assigned to which group of steer pool members.  Please call your advisor soon and schedule a home visit.

Attached is the form which is to be completed during visit if there is not one in your project folder.  Steer Pool Home Visit Form

Caleb Bemiller
Chelsea Blevins
Randi Williams               Kevin Piper  740-967-8426
Tyler Angus
Tristan Bush
Hailey Bush.                  Brian Bemiller 740-817-3617
Jacob Bush
Josh Dickson
Olivia Dorman
David Woosley              Rod Bemiller 740-967-6394
Brooklyn Warner
Tyler Collins
Brock Pfister                  Dan Dickson 740-877-7060
Morgan Homman
Skylar McMillen
Cole McMillen               Daniel Alexander  740-404-4874
Ashley Buell
Chelsea Graham
Jamie Holtz.                   David Woosley 740-967- 7163
Abby Pettet
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