a’MAYS’ing Meats- Thank You for a great Steer Pool Meeting

On Tuesday evening, March 11, 2014 the Licking County Steer Pool meeting was hosted by a’MAYS’ing Meats- Johnstown , Ohio.  We would like to thank Ernie Mays, owner of a’MAYS’ing Meats for demonstrating cutting up a side of beef, showing us what some of the different cuts look like, where they come from, and how they end up in that nice shrink wrapped package.  The demonstration was very good and is something everyone should witness to know where the different cuts of beef actually come from.

If you are looking to get your beef, hog, or lamb processed or just looking for your next steak for cooking on the grill, check out a’MAYS’ing Meats- Johnstown, Ohio. 740-967-1860

Thanks again. Below are some pictures from the event.


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